Friday, October 20, 2006

passionate about music is us!

Well here we are, with our first post on the passionate about music blog. My name is Sarah Rodgers and I'm a composer. I live in London, England and I write classical music. That's only the start of the story and I'm not going to be able to get it all down today so please come back for further instalments. There will be contributions from others who share musical passions - some the same and some different - and all from different aspects. There's Geraldine who is a clarinettist, Olly who is a violinist, Catherine who plays the piano and organ, Michele who is a trumpeter and Rachel who drives fast cars (she's passionate about that, too!) We are all part of a team which works on promoting contemporary classical performance, recording and composition and we get this out to the wider world through our website The tutti team is passionate about music and looks forward to sharing that passion with as many people as possible.

More soon,

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