Thursday, August 02, 2007

no pain, no passion

So, today is the day after the day on which I should have started a new commission and I promised myself, come August 1st, I would put pencil to paper. It didn't happen and I could give oh so many reasons why not - visitors (composer Ian McQueen and pianist Clive Swansbourne ) - distractions (Clive was stung by a wasp on his finger - not good for a pianist) - indulgence (too much amber nectar; well - cava, malt whiskey, wine and cognac actually, but don't tell my doctor!) - over-excercising (had a work out session with personal trainer at the gym - my those sumo squats are something else!) - passionate thoughts about restructuring tutti. Long enough list? Enough of the obfuscation! If truth be told, it's the same old, never goes away, dare I start? Of course I do, but how? I know, I'll sharpen my pencils - that would be something like 300 so that should take an hour or so. Hmm, thirsty work - time for a cup of tea. Oh look, the acer is thirsty too, must water it. That reminds me, have I fed the orchid recently. Talking of feeding, what are we giving Ian and Clive for a dessert? and SO it goes on. This is the painful bit, but without it I won't get to the passionate bit! Should I tell you what I am about to write? No, I think I had better wait until I get started - probably later today if all the pencils are sharp . . . Sarah

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