Saturday, November 12, 2011

More about Purcell

I know this news was only the blog before last and was there a very long time(!) but IE wouldn't let me into the blogger. Now I am back courtesy of FireFox! A quick update on Purcell connections. It's amazing who finds you - like the German television station that does an equivalent of 'who do you think you are?' but starting from the standpoint of a famous antecedant (HP) and an ordinary descendant (SR). Anyway, I was invited to appear on the TV show which in Germany is a rather formal affair. There was a bit of a quiz on who my ancestor might be and originally they thought I was Dutch, so my German accent must have been a bit gravelly (yes, I gave most of the interview in German, much to their surprise!). Then they gave a potted biography of Uncle Henry and his achievements and then I was interviewed and they played some of my music. It was in Baden Baden and we had a great weekend making the show and then taking the waters! Didn't visit the casino which apparently is quite famous but stayed in a wonderful hotel. I can recommend a visit. More Purcell family news soon.

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