Tuesday, July 24, 2007

passionate confession

I can't believe the last post was in January!
My problem is too much, too big, too often - rather like over-eating, but in this case the bites are chunks of work that are demanding to chew. Take a typical day: start at 7.00am with a quick round of emails for overnight sales from around the world on tutti and then crosscheck these with transaction reports and backing; deal with customer queries and problems (not many of those thankfully!); pick up threads of unfinished items from yesterday or even the day before or even the week before, or in this case, 6 months before! - brief pause for sigh on passing thought that I will probably never catch up - yes that happens EVERY day - and then brighten up at thought that I can cross a few items off the 'to do' list. Most days there is a meeting to attend or to prepare for and this can range from a Board meeting at the mcps-prs-alliance (I'm a writer director on that one) to the management group at local church for community centre project (I'm chair of that one!) Spend some time updating pages on Impulse - hundreds of marketing and promotion-hungry composers and performers! Dash out to get to meeting - probably late (but only five minutes. Would love to stay for lunch, but, 'no', dash back to pick up some more threads. Prepare contract for latest commission - lovely opportunity to compose a new work for thriving choral society - chorus, string quartet and harp - can't wait to get started on that one (been saying that for a few months now, but have promised myself to get going in August - not too far around the corner!) Have a big think about developing tutti to include itunes - really important step for classical CD suppliers - talking of which, there is a brilliant Szymanowski (that's shoe-man-of-ski)on the tutti homepage at the moment - here it is: Complete Piano Music
Oops! have I remembered to eat today? and so it goes on. Anyway, I'm not asking for your sympathy, just a bit of slack in the fall off from blogging. Am now going to work this into the early morning routine. I know, you'll believe it when you see it. Well I always did like a challenge - passionate about it you might say! More tomorrow.

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